The hypothesis of online casino cheat

No one has yet confirmed any hypothesis of such spin-ups. And on this basis, it is reasonable to conclude that there are no such spinners. Either they are so small and insignificant that it is impossible to identify them in reality, which means that no visible threat or benefit to the player. As long as something is not discovered based on facts and evidence.

So far, all observations of slots show no difference between their behavior and the behavior of an honest slot. So, all the advice when it is better to move to another slot, another casino, raise or lower the bet – all this is nothing more than myth. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not.

The hypothesis of online casino cheat

The danger of this, even unintentional, myth is that some players may have the illusion that there is some way to control the recoil of the slot. That there is an opportunity to play better, i.e. more profitable, rather than just pushing the “spin” again and again at the same rate.

The player, fascinated by such delusions, can turn from a man looking for entertainment in the casino by the means available to him, inveterate ludoman with pathological addiction and trying to find an effective way to “bend” the casino at almost any cost.

Yes, there are different methods, different algorithms of MS formation. As there are, for example, different ciphers. But good ciphers – they’re all crypto-resistant, not cracking. Also GSC: good GSC (with the correct implementation) not to crack. And no matter which of the algorithms used by the provider, the player can not, under no realistic conditions will not be able to distinguish between the MOS from the other. If he could, it would mean that the GSC is bad, unreliable. So, from the point of view of the player, there should be no practical difference in the algorithm of TOSH.