Many novice gamers are not entirely sure about the honesty of online casinos. They are concerned about the following questions:

It is impossible to guarantee the fairness of the game in all online casinos. Today, a random number generator is installed on the server of every gambling establishment on the Internet, which generates certain combinations when playing roulette, poker, slot and other entertainment. All online casinos guarantee the infallibility of their RNG and assure that the layout of cards in poker or other card games, the sequence of numbers in roulette or combinations in slots are random. If you want to know more information about the 1xbet portugal registo , then you should not look for information on unverified resources. However, the institution has the ability to “tweak” the RNG for the sake of additional profit. But the fact is that such manipulations with the results of the game are completely unprofitable for an electronic club, especially an honest, solid and with a positive reputation.

It is impossible to guarantee the fairness of the game in all online casinos
It is impossible to guarantee the fairness of the game in all online casinos

Games in slot machines and keno provide online casinos with significant advantages over the player, so it makes no sense to “twist” them in your favor. Roulette and blackjack are not very profitable games for the house for a number of reasons. With an effective roulette strategy, you can achieve significant and fairly regular wins. Blackjack also provides an excellent opportunity for the player to hit a big jackpot. In addition, many gamers prefer roulette and blackjack due to the insignificant advantage of online casinos over the player. As a result, the temptation to cheat with these games is quite high. Therefore, in the vastness of cyberspace, you can certainly find a one-day casino that “twists” the RNG in its favor. But a very small number of such establishments allow themselves to engage in such matters. To test the honesty of a casino on their own experience based on mathematical calculations, a gamer will need to make a huge number of bets (about a hundred thousand). For one gamer, this is unrealistic, unless, of course, he is a wealthy person who is ready to spend a solid capital on the game. But if you analyze the game of a large number of gamers and call on the gaming community for help, then it is quite possible to calculate the dishonesty of online casinos.

The issue of honesty of online casinos at a high level is decided by audit companies. The most famous of these is PWC. All online casinos included in the networks of such branded software producers, which include Macrogaming, Playtex, Cryptologic, Bossmedia, are regularly checked by PWC. A license to such a casino is issued on the condition that it will regularly report to this auditing company on its activities and on the results of all games played. The technical execution of the reporting procedure is approximately as follows. PWC connects its own server, which interacts with the online casino server and records all the necessary data. These data form the basis of the report, where the payment is indicated in percentage terms for a particular game and for the entire institution as a whole. The results obtained are still compared with mathematical calculations and published on the official website of the Internet club. A gamer can read this document and form a definite opinion about this online casino.

It is impossible to guarantee the fairness of the game in all online casinos
It is impossible to guarantee the fairness of the game in all online casinos

It should be noted that all virtual gambling establishments operating on Macrogaming, Bossmedia, Playtex, Cryptologic software belong to the category of honest and reliable establishments, since they are subject to serious and constant control by audit firms, therefore, rigging in such conditions is impossible. Online casinos running on other programs also cannot be unfoundedly accused of fraud, but it is worth taking a closer look at them. The fact is that many of them do not pass rigorous verification by independent audits.

The question of paying out winnings

Not only gamblers, but also ordinary people are interested in knowing how online casinos pay out millions of winnings and is it able to make such a payment?

Of course, the gamer will definitely receive his winnings, unless, of course, he was playing the game not in a one-day casino. A reputable establishment cannot but pay the client. The loss of a good name leads to financial problems. All financial and monetary issues of honest casinos are resolved by the relevant financial organizations that are not directly related to the gambling establishment. In addition, deposits of gamers and big winnings are insured without fail. Such insurance acts as a guarantor of the payment of funds, even if the online casino is declared bankrupt.

It is interesting to know that famous software creators take all measures to prevent the use of their software for personal gain. Casinos buy software under an expensive license issued by its manufacturers.